Surgical C-arm(3.5/6KW, HD)

Manufacturer: Genuine X-ray and Radiological Equipment Pvt. Ltd



Salient Features

  • High Frequency generators with Feather Touch Panel integrated with Image Acquisition Software for easy functioning and user friendly experience.
  • 9” Tiple Field Image Intensifier for High Resolution Imaging.
  • Smart ABS technology for stable continuous imaging and low dose fluoroscopy.
  • High definition CCD Camera with 0.5k x 0.5k resolution format.
  • Analog Memory with Live, LIH, Flip, Collimation, Grayscale, etc. features.
  • Image processing with real-time image capturing, storage and display in 720p format.
  • High Definition Analog Memory which stores up to 100 frames.
  • 27” Full HD Monitors with Split Screen mounted on Sleek Designed Modular Monitor Trolley.
  • Various modes like Boost Fluoroscopy, Pulse Fluoroscopy, ABS (Automatic Brightness Stabilization) Mode, Normal Fluoroscopy and Radiography Mode present and can be controlled even from the Image Acquisition Software.
  • Delivers Consistent, Undistorted edge to edge image quality and superb contrast resolution to support critical decisions.
  • IRIS Collimation facility provided with control switches.
  • An inbuilt Radiography Timer enables continuous variable mAs for both Radiography and Fluoroscopy.

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