Alarm System


Product features:

  •  Two auto alarms to monitor current status of central Medical Gases Supply & Vacuum system and its trigger dual alarm (Audio/Visual) in case of any deviation from the predetermined set parameter.
  • These alarms can be conveniently located to any Area / zone / ward areas / ICU / CCU / operating rooms in consultation with the health care personnel to signal the user with an auditory and visual alert of medical gas pipeline system.
  • Its based on digital microprocessor based alarm system and sensing is done through highly
  • Analog Gas Alarm Systems come in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 gas categories where the number indicates the
    number of gases the system can handle.
  • The system contains analog meters for displaying pressure of the different gases coming from the pipe lines.
  • The system generates appropriate alarm in case of High pressure or Low Pressure in any gas.
  • These alarms come with RS-485 Modbus interface for BMS connectivity.
  • One NO/NC terminal is built-in for alarm extension and provision is made for adding external
    NO/NC interface for each gas individually

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