Portable Ultrasound Machine (M TURBO)-Fuji Film

Manufacturer: FUJIFILM Sonosite, Inc

Product features:

  • Premium image quality
  • Drop tested at 3 feet/91.4 cm
  • Splash resistant user interface
  • Quick boot-up time
  • Easy to operate
  • Battery-powered and wireless capabilities for true mobility
  • Magnesium case for lightweight strength
  • Backlit keyboard is easier on the eyes
  • Eliminating complicated manipulation of multiple controls
  • Reducing speckle noise and other image artifacts while preserving and sharpening tissue information
  • Increasing resolution of small structures and enhancing border delineation.
  • Aiding needle visualization while maintaining striking image quality of the target and surrounding anatomy.
  • Increasing color performance, sensitivity and frame rates for more diagnostic information
  • Point-of-Care Applications: Anesthesia, Critical Care, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease Management, Emergency Medicine, Musculoskeletal, OB/Gyn, Radiology, Vascular, Surgery, Vet Imaging, Women’s Health


  1. HFL38x Linear probe- 1 pc
  2. C60xi Convex Probe- 1pc
  3. P21x Phased Array probe-1 pc
  4. Triple Transducer Connector (TTC) -1 pc
  5. System Trolley- 1 pc

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